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Using vibrocoring for resource investigations has been proven to be the most cost effective and informative method of provding a client with both quantity estimations and characteristics ot the particular resource. In our assessments the client is presented with 100% continuous core recovery for accurate assay results that ‘you can take to the bank’.


GeoCoastal has undertaken many sand resource investigations, both onshore and offsfore (eg, in Daru, PNG and Moreton Bay, Qld, NSW)

In some cases on land, cores obtained have provided the real extent of the resource where previous conventional drilling techniques have either quite dramatically under- or over-estimated existing resource quantities.


Our proprietary ANCOR and PEP technology, developed in-house, allows us to continuously core over 20m into the subsurface, even in flowing sand, and it is our understanding that GeoCoastal holds all world records for continuous vibracoring free of any downhole cross-contamination: 43m subsurface in coal tailings and 32m subsurface in gold tailings in 20m water depth.

Hellyer Mine, Tasmania – Tailings Resource Assessment for NQ Minerals, Australia (Oct 2016 & Nov 2017)
  • 86 sites cored to max 22m


  • Vibracores obtained in shallow surface waters using GeoCoastal's low-draft vessel 'Crab'

Continuous Vibrocoring for Resource  Assessment – Gold Tailings, Resolute Sarsfield Project, Ravenswood (Aug 2012)
  • Continuous vibracore recovery to maximum 32m sub-bottom in 20m water depth from GeoCoastal vessel 'Seabed Investigator'


  • World record vibracore continuous recovery in >10m water depth

Brisbane Airport Corporation – Sand Resource Assessment for the Brisbane Airport 2nd parallel runway marine vibrocoring, Moreton Bay. Golder Associates (March 2012)
  • 25 sites cored to average of 9.036m

  • Vibracores obtained in single penetration from GeoCoastal vessel 'Seabed Investigator'

  • Stratigraphic modelling undertaken for pre-dredge assessment report

Coal Tailings Resource Assessment, Oaky Creek Qld. Xstrata

  • Continuous vibrocoring in fluid and dry sediments for JORC survey - 20 sites ranging to 43m sub-bed


  • 36 cored sites to average 17m


  • Combination of AllTerrainVehicle with coring equipment and barge "Seabed Investigator' used at the site.

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