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Australia's leading vibracore specialists

GeoCoastal are Australia's most experienced vibracoring specialists, and hold all world records for vibracorer penetration and recovery.


  • Our two senior geologists (Prof. Trevor Graham and Mr. Kent Holmes BSc) have more than 60 years of combined experience between them

  • GeoCoastal have the most powerful and sophisticated corers operating in Australia (500-600% more powerful than conventional electric corers)

  • GeoCoastal have conducted all aspects of the largest seabed geochemical assessment in Australian history including : seabed coring, sample processing, overseeing laboratory analyses, scientific synthesis, QA/QC, reporting

  • We have the largest range of corers from light vibrocorers that can be used in mangroves to heavy pneumatic corers capable of penetrating stiff clays, plus specialised equipment for current control

  • Proprietary designed equipment to allow for deep penetration. GeoCoastal regularly achieve depths of 18m+ continuous core in port and resource assessments. Vibracore continuous recovery achieved include: 22m sub-bed in port sediments, 28m continuous in fluvial sediments, 43m in coal tailings, 32m sub-bed recovery in 20m of water in gold tailings

  • GeoCoastal have a range of specialised marine platforms and configurations that readily adapt to ships of opportunity for coring in environments ranging from urban lakes to Bass Strait

  • GeoCoastal also have a range of specialised all-terrain platforms for land-based resource assessments and are the preferred contractor to several major sand/concrete companies



Vibracoring is complex and, after some 50+ years of positive vibracoring developments some regressive trends have emerged in recent years. Unfortunately, some of this misinformation has been incorporated into tender specifications leading to inefficiences, unnecessary cost, and reduced safety outcomes.


To read more about vibracoring and advice to inform vibracore tendering follow the link above to




Our strategy for becoming the No. 1 provider of continuous coring services in Australia is the combination of vastly superior equipment and experience that allows us to continue to operate to greater depth, in more adverse weather conditions and busy port situations with safety, which means ultimately a better result for less cost


We recommend not to play around with conventional drilling systems or quirky (and unsafe) diver-based systems when a quality assessment is the goal, particularly if coring beyond 6m is required.

GeoCoastal Group

111 Stanbrough Road, Gumdale BRISBANE 4154

PO Box 1030, Burleigh Heads   GOLD COAST 4220

Queensland AUSTRALIA

Tel: +61 417 487 968 | +61 408 487 968

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